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County-wide Comprehensive Safety Study  Header Image

County-wide Comprehensive Safety Study

Client: La Crosse County

Location: La Crosse County, Wisconsin

La Crosse County is known for its majestic bluffs and coulees that define its landscape. That topography is also responsible for blind curves and steep slopes that create hazardous highway conditions. Donohue conducted a phased two-year safety evaluation of all 250 miles of county highway. This project was the first county-wide comprehensive safety evaluation in the state.

The project includes data collection of highway classifications, horizontal and vertical geometry, crash data, traffic volumes, and public input. Field reviews supplement the collected data. Plans with a best-fit vertical and horizontal profile were developed using LiDAR data and aerial imagery provided by the county. Public input was critical to disseminate information about the safety study and gather input on perceived safety concerns. The report documents potential projects that will remediate the safety issues in the most cost-effective manner. Suggestions were also made for areas that require significant geometric changes to correct safety issues. Smaller scale improvements including signing modifications, pavement marking applications, and removal of hazards within the clear zone were also identified. Grants will be identified to help defray the cost of the construction.