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Project Delivery

We take tremendous pride in our record of delivering successful projects. This record is attributed to our collection of exceptional professionals, our culture of striving for excellence, and our strict adherence to a well-conceived Project Delivery Strategy. The underpinnings of our Strategy are discussed below.


We begin every project by actively and intently listening to our clients so we understand their issues, their preferences, and how they will ultimately define success.


We engage experts to solve our clients’ problems and deliver successful outcomes. These experts invariably include our clients as well as our own senior engineers, scientists, operations specialists, and funding specialists. Occasionally, we engage independent industry-renowned experts because their unique abilities enhance our clients’ projects.


Active collaboration with our clients and an appreciation and respect for their experiences, insights, and perspectives are the solid foundations for our creative problem-solving approach to projects. Time and again this commitment to collaboration has served our clients well, producing an amazing evolution of ideas that yield creative, resourceful, and cost-effective solutions.


Our experts embrace innovation because it expands our universe of practical problem-solving alternatives and our ability to find the “right” solution for our clients. We use applied research projects to investigate the performance claims of equipment manufacturers and novel approaches to enhance process performance and minimize capital and operating expenditures. We provide our experts computer-based analysis tools so they can perform high-fidelity, high-confidence analyses of an array of scenarios and alternatives. We do all of this, not because we disdain the conventional, but because we have a passion to deliver success. In the current context of scarce capital funds, strapped operating budgets, and aging infrastructure, success often demands innovation.


Details matter. The well-known idiom “the devil is in the details” rings true to all of us; however, we believe our version of this idiom “success is in the details” better reveals our commitment to delivering successful projects on all fronts and our commitment to our Quality Policy. This Policy demands quality reviews at defined project milestones by senior Donohue engineers, scientists, and operations specialists that are not performing the day-to-day work associated with a particular project. Donohue’s President meets individually with every project manager every quarter to reinforce this Policy that demands quality work, on time, on budget with no surprises.


Experience proves our adherence to this Project Delivery System consistently delivers success.