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Donohue & Associates has been practicing our client-focused brand of engineering services since 1997. Formed by a group of experienced, technically diverse engineers and specialists, Donohue was founded with the philosophy that our best work is realized when the client-engineer relationship is built upon teamwork. It is our continued commitment to this philosophy that sets Donohue apart.

Donohue’s reputation is built upon expertise, quality, and service. Our engineers don’t just design infrastructure; we problem solve. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective solution that will work best for our clients, and we tailor our approach based on each client’s needs. Focused on conservation and reducing energy demand? Interested in reducing operating costs? Our experience with hundreds of facilities allows us to develop individual, responsive solutions to your unique situation.

In short, we have the experience, depth of knowledge, and resources of a large firm while maintaining the down-to-earth, bureaucracy-free services of a small firm. 

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