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Professional development is an important aspect of any career. As a smaller company without layers of bureaucracy, employees at all levels are given opportunities to push their career in the direction they see fit. Donohue also offers several formal training programs and maintains a philosophy of building on each individual’s strengths, achieving the dual goal of advancing your career and our mission. This philosophy allows our employees to take on the challenges they need to continue growing as professionals while providing the support and guidance that foster such growth.

In-house training and technical development initiatives include:

  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Design Model for Water and Wastewater Pumping and Treatment
  • CADD, process and hydraulic modeling, and other industry software
  • Monthly discipline brown-bag series focused on the technical ins-and-outs of the industry
  • Bi-monthly industry technology updates and advances
  • Contracting and master specifications
  • Other opportunities for learning and PDH credit

We understand that you don’t learn everything that you will need to know for this job in school. That’s why recent graduates will have access to structured resources at Donohue. Young engineers have experienced staff to guide them on projects from the outset, and our company culture encourages continual on-the-job learning.

Additionally, we embrace and encourage participation in professional organizations and technical conferences. These opportunities are great ways to learn about cutting-edge advances in the industry, network with your peers, and interact with current and potential clients.

Finally, annual goal-setting sessions will provide you with a forum to let the company know where you want to go in the coming year. Together with your supervisor, you will set goals and outline the steps to achieving them. We are an advocate for your professional growth and believe that we have a responsibility to see our employees succeed.