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Clearwells and High Service Pump Station Additions Header Image

Clearwells and High Service Pump Station Additions

Client: South Milwaukee Water Utility

Location: South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The South Milwaukee Water Utility had operated with two in ground clearwells connected to a high service pump station providing finished water to the distribution system. However, these clearwells were not compliant with current code.

Donohue completed an evaluation of alternatives for bringing the plant into compliance. The report recommended that the Utility construct two new clearwells and a new high service pump station.

This project developed plans and specifications for construction of two new clearwells (90-foot diameter, 18 foot SWD, 750,000 gallons each, pre-stressed concrete) and a high service pump station. The existing north and south clearwells were repurposed for intake flushing and raw water storage.

Project aesthetics were particularly important as the Utility is located in a high visibility area next to the Yacht Club. In addition, not to block the current lake view of residents on the bluff above the plant.

Two construction sequencing challenges were identified. The first was the demolition of the existing sedimentation basins. This may have resulted in not having intake flushing water available during cold weather conditions. However, this could be addressed by taking the north clearwell out of service and converting it to a flushing water storage basin before demolition of the sedimentation basins. The south clearwell and high service pump station could remain in service until the new facilities are brought online.

The second challenge was the relocation of the buried electrical service providing power to the plant. The line ran along the west and south sides of the sedimentation basins, and had to be relocated to accommodate the new clearwells.

The project is currently in construction.